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Amanda Fidalgo

Funeral Director and Certified Funeral Celebrant

“I find it very rewarding to be able to help people through their darkest days and know that I made a difference for them. I care about each of the families I serve and try to help as best I can. I also think it helps me to appreciate my own family in a way that I might not have if I didn’t work in this field. It keeps things in perspective for me.”

Amanda Fidalgo has been working at Keohane for fifteen years, and is excited to be with a company that shares her strong work ethic. She appreciates the small team that works together closely, and the forward-thinking mentality they all seem to have. She attributes her success to focusing on the main objective of serving families, and is proud of the reputation Keohane has for always putting the family first.

Looking towards the future, Amanda is excited at how receptive Keohane is to positive changes and looks forward to growing with the company. Whether it is in terms of technological updates, service ideas and memorialization, or something a family suggests in a survey – the changes will be whatever the times call for but always in the best interest of the families.

Amanda is a graduate of Mount Ida College.  As a mom of three young children, she spends her time outside of work enjoying their extracurricular activities, sports and school functions with her husband.